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Fall 2022 Youth Player Clinic Registration


Fall 2022 Youth Player Clinic Registration

Every member of the 2023 Lake County Stars Youth Program will receive 4 hours of group training broken down into 2, 2-hour sessions with Coach Jason Acevedo (aka "coach Ace") and his Staff. Each training session will be capped at 12 players with 3 coaches running the sessions to maintain a 4:1 player to coach ratio.
All sessions are 6:00pm to 8:00pm on your chosen session dates at the new Stars Clubhouse at 363 Enterprise Parkway, Lake Zurich, IL.
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Each player will begin with a proper warm up followed by 3 separate circuits and ending with some form of competition. Each player will go through a hitting circuit, a defensive circuit and a throwing circuit each day. Here is a general breakdown of each circuit.


Hitters will learn about the following concepts during camp:
1. Proper loading/coiling phase
2. Proper Hitting sequence
3. Hitting direction
4. Timing
5. Barrel Path
6. Intent
These are the 6 biggest issues we see players have at the early parts of their playing careers and by addressing them at an early age, we can drastically speed up their hitting development.


Fielders will learn about the following concepts during camp:
1. General infield footwork
2. General infield glovework
3. Position Specific Infield work for Middle Infielders and Corner Infielders
4. Outfield footwork and routes
5. Reactive Drill to simulate game like movements


Throwers will learn about the following concepts during camp:
1. Proper throwing preparation: movement preps, Central Nervous System Prep
2. Arm Patterning: utilizing a series of lower effort throwing drills to retool the arm to move more efficiently in the throwing phase
3. A position specific break down on proper throwing patterns from different positions on the field.
4. Basic understanding of pitching movements
Along with attending camp, players will receive a written assessment sheet listing area of strength, areas in which the player needs improvement and the best route for training/development moving forward.
For those who cannot attend one of these sessions, we can perform a separate private assessment and create a training program with drills you can perform on your own.  Reach out to coach Ace directly for options.


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